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ACCA Revision Courses

Prepare for exam success with FBT

Revision is key to exam success. FBT offers you all the tools you need for focused learning, first-class revision and guaranteed exam success. Our industry leading tutors focus your exam preparation on the most relevant topics for the upcoming examination and offer you a structured path to master your exam techniques.
All FBT revision courses use ACCA exam standard questions throughout the course to illustrate the relevant approach, exam technique, presentation and how to maximise your mark allocation.
Our revision courses are available during the week and at weekends, and we offer all students the benefit of expert-marked mock exams with detailed debrief, helping you to focus on your studies and your exam success.

ACCA Tuition start date: March 2016
Study options: Weekends
Revision Fees: Starting from £375 per paper

ACCA Revision start date: May 2016
Study option: Weekdays
Revision Fees: Starting from £380 per paper

Exam dates: 7-11 March 2016

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  • Studio quality revision video delivered by our expert tutors
  • Revision notes and folder
  • Pass notes
  • Mock exam and solutions
  • Courses: Exam success and Exam confidence
Important Information, Terms & Conditions  

§To complete the MBA/MA course students must pass 14 papers (i.e.: F1–P5). Students may be admitted onto the MBA/MA course prior to passing their final three ACCA Papers. SUBSEQUENT TO COMMENCING THE MBA/MA COURSE, SHOULD A STUDENT DISCOVER THAT S/HE HAS FAILED ANY ACCA PAPERS, S/HE WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNT PAID. FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, FAILURE OF ANY ACCA PAPERS WILL NOT ENTITLE THE STUDENT TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNT. The awarding body for the MBA/MA course will be one of FBT's partner universities; however, awarding bodies are subject to change from time to time. The School's obligations shall be discharged by providing tuition leading to a recognised MBA/MA award by a recognised awarding body. The School reserves the right to change the awarding body, and will notify the student as soon as reasonably practicable. In light of this, the student agrees that they shall have no claim based on changes to the awarding bodies. The School reserves the right to offer the MBA/MA portion of the dual programme either online or on campus (depending on availability). For the avoidance of doubt, the decision concerning such availability (whether online or on campus) shall be at the sole discretion of the School. The Oracle Capital Group sponsorship programme for the masters' course fees covers the tuition fees only and does not include incidentals such as textbooks and exam entry/assessment fees (£158 per module), dissertation mentoring fees (£250), dissertation submission fees (£250) and final academic board presentation fees (£150), and fees for exemptions and deferrals. Students are responsible for payment of such fees which are mandatory for enrolment and progression on the masters' course.
UK and Singapore Campuses only
For further information please see full Terms and Conditions.


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