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International Students

International Students

Our FBT campus is situated in Birmingham, a highly multicultural city in the very centre of the UK. At FBT we actively encourage international students to study with us because diversity in the classroom leads to an international learning environment which is highly valuable to our students. Studying abroad also enhances your employment and career prospects.

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Visas and Immigration Information

Most students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland will need a student Visa to study in the UK. Application forms and advice about the Visa process is available from (this opens a new window) or your local British Council office. Please note that some countries have different procedures for Visa applications.

The Home Office classes non-EEA or non-Swiss students as either:

  • Visa nationals
  • Non-visa nationals

The way you are classed is based on your nationality - see the UK Visas and Immigration website (this opens a new window) for more information.

All Visa nationals must apply for a Visa as a student before they come to the UK, regardless of the length of their course.

If you are classed as a non-Visa national, and are coming for a course of six months or less, you have the option of applying for permission to enter and stay in the UK when you arrive here – however we strongly recommend that you apply for an entry clearance before leaving your home country. If you are studying for more than six months, you must apply for a Visa to the UK before leaving your home country.

To apply for a student Visa you will need to provide:

A completed Visa application form (VAF9- PBS Migrant) accompanied with PBS Appendix 8 General Student Self- Assessment form which are available from the UK Visas and Immigration website

  • An original unconditional enrolment letter from LSBF. A Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) number
  • Proof of qualifications – the Visa office will want to see original certificates to prove you have the appropriate qualifications.
  • Proof that you have the funds on your personal account available to pay course fees and living expenses while in the UK.

Compliance Warning

As a Tier 4 sponsored student you are subject to a number of important obligations. Please read the following summary carefully and ensure that you comply with these obligations at all times.

You must inform us immediately if your contact details change (home address, telephone numbers or personal email address).

High attendance is compulsory. You must comply with our attendance policy.

If you apply for an extension of your immigration status you must inform us immediately when you receive a decision on your application. You must also inform us immediately if your immigration status changes. In either case you must produce your new immigration documentation without delay. If your immigration status changes and you cease to be a Tier 4 migrant we will inform the Home Office that we are withdrawing your sponsorship.

If you fail to comply with any of these requirements you will be liable to termination of your studies and withdrawal of sponsorship.

We will terminate your studies and withdraw your sponsorship without notice and notify the Home Office if we discover that:

  • you have submitted false, fraudulently obtained or misleading evidence in support of your application;
  • you have made false or misleading representations about your qualifications or academic background; or
  • you have failed to comply with a condition of your immigration status, for instance by working in breach of a prohibition of work or by working in excess of any work permitted by the Home Office.

If we terminate your studies and withdraw your sponsorship for any reason you will forfeit all fees paid and you will not be eligible for a refund. The Home Office may cancel your immigration status and you may be required to leave the UK. You should also be aware that seeking to obtain UK immigration status by deception is an imprisonable criminal offence. The same applies to deliberate breaches of a condition of your immigration status, such as working in breach of a prohibition of work. Such conduct may result in prosecution and/or removal from the UK.


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