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Career Services

FBT Career Services

We are committed to providing you with the skills you succeed in your career. That’s why our careers services are here to help you craft extra skills, and offer dedicated support.

These services have been designed to boost your employability and assist you in acquiring your ideal role.

They include:

FBT Career Training and Development Programme  

The FBT career services team deliver a series of 11 workshops focusing on essential career-enhancing topics. These include CV and cover letter writing, job search techniques, interview skills, strategic networking and making maximum use of social media as a career tool.

1-2-1 Careers Advice Sessions  

Take advantage of tailored one-to-one advice sessions with our dedicated career advisers. They provide personalised advice and help you develop the skills that give you the best chance of gaining your ideal job – and making a real impact at work.

Online student support and resources 

FBT allows you to harness the power of the internet with a comprehensive set of online career-enhancing resources. You will have full access to targeted job listings, career-specific information and personal email support.

On-site company visits  

Visiting the premises or headquarters of the leading companies in their respective industries allows you to gain insight into the concepts and practices behind their success. This is a valuable learning opportunity which will teach you to apply your skills to achieving your personal career aspirations.

Networking events 

Meet potential employers, future business associates and influential agents from leading executive recruitment firms at our strategically-positioned networking events. You will have the chance to learn about industry-leading organisations while meeting valuable contacts.

Speak to one of our dedicated advisors about how our courses and career services can help you.

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Alex Carroll

Careers and Student Welfare Manager for the Birmingham Campus

Having worked across secondary and adult education, Alex has spent many years delivering employability modules and individual guidance to jobseekers. Such extensive teaching expertise allows him to help students build their CV’s by identifying and selling their best skills.
He has experience networking and sourcing job opportunities with recognised organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions. Alex brings these unique skills to LSBF Birmingham’s careers service, and will help connect our students and top companies with one another.


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