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ACCA Syllabus

The ACCA syllabus consists of 14 papers divided into four modules

3 papers 6 papers 3 papers select 2 papers from 4

The ACCA syllabus:

F1 – Accounting in Business (AB)
F2 – Management Accounting (MA)
F3 – Financial Accounting
F4 – Corporate and Business Law (CL)
F5 – Performance Management (PM)
F6 – Taxation (TX)
F7 – Financial Reporting (FR)
F8 – Audit and Assurance (AA)
F9 – Financial Management (FM)
P1 – GR&E – Governance, Risk and Ethics
P2 – Corporate Reporting (CR)
P3 – Business Analysis (BA)
P4 – Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
P5 – Advanced Performance Management (APM)
P6 – Advanced Taxation (ATX)
P7 – Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

The following courses may be studied from an international or a national (UK) perspective: financial reporting, audit and assurance, corporate reporting and advanced audit assurance.

Exam Regulations

All modules need to be taken and preferably passed in chronological order. A maximum of four papers per sitting applies although a variety of modules may be sat. Please note that papers within a module may be sat in any order. In addition to the above 14 papers, students are required to study and sit an online module in Professional Ethics. It is recommended that it be taken at the same time as P1.

All modules need to be passed within 10 years.

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§To complete the MBA/MA course students must pass 14 ACCA papers (i.e.: F1–P5). Students may be admitted onto the MBA/MA course prior to passing their final three ACCA Papers. SUBSEQUENT TO COMMENCING THE MBA/MA COURSE, SHOULD A STUDENT DISCOVER THAT S/HE HAS FAILED ANY ACCA PAPERS, S/HE WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNT PAID. FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, FAILURE OF ANY ACCA PAPERS WILL NOT ENTITLE THE STUDENT TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNT. The awarding body for the MBA/MA course will be one of FBT’s partner universities; however, awarding bodies are subject to change from time to time. The School's obligations shall be discharged by providing tuition leading to a recognised MBA/MA award by a recognised awarding body. The School reserves the right to change the awarding body, and will notify the student as soon as reasonably practicable. In light of this, the student agrees that they shall have no claim based on changes to the awarding bodies. The School reserves the right to offer the MBA/MA portion of the dual programme either online or on campus (depending on availability). For the avoidance of doubt, the decision concerning such availability (whether online or on campus) shall be at the sole discretion of the School. The Oracle Capital Group sponsorship programme for the masters' course fees covers the tuition fees only and does not include incidentals such as textbooks and exam entry/assessment fees (£158 per module), dissertation mentoring fees (£250), dissertation submission fees (£250) and final academic board presentation fees (£150), and fees for exemptions and deferrals. Students are responsible for payment of such fees which are mandatory for enrolment and progression on the masters' course.

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