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About Us

About us

Our approach centres on bringing you the most industry-relevant programmes and delivering them through expert tutors and flexible study options - with more affordable fees.

FBT Mission

The FBT mission is to prepare students for leadership, excellence and success, through providing flexible opportunities to advance knowledge and practice. FBT believe that the best way to achieve this is to provide a personal experience for each student. FBT invest all its efforts in transforming its students into dynamic professionals with a global perspective.

Delivering real results

We hand-pick courses from respected learning providers, such as Edexcel, to deliver the skills employers really need.

Courses include:

  • Professional qualifications – bringing accreditation from recognised accounting bodies, such as ACCA and CIMA.
  • Postgraduate courses – MBA and MA courses are delivered 100% online and are designed to meet specific industry needs
  • Innovative diplomas – combining academic and work-based components for future Accountants and Management Accountants.

Complete flexibility

Interactive’s online courses give you the chance to study from anywhere in the world. Therefore you will be able to fit your studies around your professional and personal commitments.

Expert tutors

We have sourced and secured some of the best and most experienced lecturers in the industry. Each and every tutor has an excellent track record, and can help you connect theory to the real business world.

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