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Work Placements for BA Undergraduate Students during 2nd or 3rd Year of Studies.

As a part of London School of Business and Finance's philosophy to offer students a career-focused education, LSBF is proud to offer its upcoming undergraduate students with an opportunity to take part in an internship programme during their studies – allowing students to work full time for an entire year, applying the knowledge and skills gained as a part of their studies in the work place.

As part of a four year undergraduate degree programme, LSBF students will have the opportunity to take one year out of their studies to pursue a work placement or an internship of their choice, either on the 2nd or 3rd year of their studies. Students will work with LSBF's new Career & Corporate Division to find the most suitable job for them, taking into account their career goals and objectives, education to date, and previous work experience.

Students will have the opportunity to take advantage of LSBF's corporate network of over 400 corporate partners, gaining access to a wealth of employment opportunities in the UK, and around the globe.

One such partner is Grand City Hotels, one of Europe's largest Hotel operators, based out of Germany. As a part of LSBF's partnership with Grand City Hotels, the company would guarantee qualified LSBF students and graduates with at least 1,200 jobs with Grand City Hotels and Resorts, along with 375 Accelerated Management Training programmes – offering students a unique opportunity to establish themselves within the lucrative hospitality industry in Europe.

As a part of the partnership with Grand City Hotels, LSBF students will also have the option to study in Berlin during the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of their studies, obtaining not only their undergraduate degree, but also learning valuable insights about the hospitality industry and attaining a certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management.

For more information about the programmes, please feel free to enquire with any one of LSBF's admission advisors.

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