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Finance professionals 'crucial' to global development

The importance of the role of qualified financial professionals in country development cannot be underestimated, a leading professional body has said. According to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), financial professionals can play a pivotal role in a country’s development. Using Pakistan as a case study, the ACCA stated that a lucrative and productive business sector is critical for a country’s success and development – and within that, financial professionals have a central role to play. The ACCA believe that finance professionals are able to add all-round value to employers throughout a number of areas of business. This is due to the nature of their training, which promotes sound business practices and encourages the growth of sustainable business development. All of which, according to the ACCA, are critical to the business infrastructure of growing economies. Finance professionals can also add great value to a business infrastructure by encouraging effective spending and driving down costs within the companies for which they work. Their risk assessment skills are also critical to widespread success in business, as they are able to identify financial threats sooner and help guide organisations through difficult trading conditions. All of which are critical to the growth of an economy. According to the ACCA due to the testing global conditions across the world, accountancy is entering a “golden age” as the skills of finance professionals are becoming more and more critical. ACCA is the global body for professional accountants. It provides services through a network of 83 offices and active centres across the world and boasts 57 global accountancy partners.

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