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BIB & Certificate in Hotel Management

London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) continues to expand its undergraduate offering with the introduction of a new blended degree, the Bachelor in International Business (BIB) and Certificate in Hotel Management, during which students will be eligible for one of the 1,200 guaranteed jobs offered by Grand City Hotels and Resorts, exclusively to LSBF students and graduates.

The programme, designed jointly by Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), LSBF and Grand City Hotels & Resorts, is an immersive programme created to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of not only the fascinating world of international business, but also that of the hospitality and hotel management industry. As a part of the programme, and in keeping with its pledge to deliver career-focused, innovative education, LSBF is offering the programme’s students the opportunity to work for up to one year, gaining insights into the world of hotel and hospitality management from one of the world’s industry leaders.

Students on the programme will work very closely with LSBF’s Careers Department, gaining access to over 400 of the School’s corporate partners and clients, working to secure internships both internationally and at home. Students will also have the opportunity to take on an internship with Grand City Hotels and Resorts themselves – which guarantees LSBF students and graduates access to over 1,200 paid position and 375 Accelerated Management Training Programmes. Students and graduates on the Grand City Hotels and Resorts work placement programmes will benefit greatly by gaining insights into the core managerial skills necessary within the hospitality industry, such as Revenue Management, Franchise and Branding and Optimisation of Distribution Channels.

The BIB and certificate in Hotel Management programme will offer students a taste of the international business scene: Studying for a BIB and certificate in Hotel Management will enable students to study or work in up to at least three separate locations across Europe; in London, studying with LSBF, in Grenoble, studying with GGSB and in Berlin, where internship students will work with our partners, Grand City Hotels and Resorts.

Anton Baboglo, Managing Director of the Business School at LSBF commented on the new programme: “This course has been developed with industry professionals to provide students with the skills and the knowledge necessary to excel in an international business environment.”

“The academic side of the course is designed to provide a detailed insight into global business, the right foundation for a career in hotel and hospitality management. While the opportunity of work experience at one of the world’s leading hospitality brands means our students will gain valuable hands-on skills and experience that will help attract recognition from international employers when they graduate.”

The BIB and certificate in Hotel Management programme lasts between three to four years. In their third year, students must undergo a work experience internship for a minimum of six weeks to a maximum of a year.

The BIB is a globally respected degree, awarded by the prestigious, triple-accredited institution Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), and is delivered with a combination of LSBF’s highly-experienced tutors and those belonging to the GGSB. The course provides a broad introduction to international business through a broad range of specialist international-industry focused modules.

For more information about the BIB and certificate in Hotel Management please click here. Alternatively, please enquire with any one of LSBF's admission advisors: Richard Gillett or Bijal Tanna on 0203 384 5941