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Student Accommodation in Birmingham

Looking for a place to stay? Let FBT help you secure the right lodging for you, making use of our great accommodation services available to all FBT students.

Our fully integrated accommodation service includes airport pick-up, making the move to Birmingham as pleasant and care-free as possible, furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to make your experience in the UK a memorable one.

Accommodation options are further available to suit every individual’s needs, and we make all the arrangements on your behalf.

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All prices quoted are based on a week’s residency and are subject to change.

Halls of residence: 

Living in one of several Halls of Residence enhances your social life by allowing you to meet fellow students from different backgrounds, whilst experiencing university city life.

Subject to availability

Halls of Residence

Birmingham City
(single occupancy)

Wi-Fi, ensuite, launderette,
shared kitchen,
communal area, gym

£160 - £200

Studio Flats: 

These are self-contained apartments for single or double occupancy, offering additional privacy and independence.

Subject to availability

Studio Flats
Single Occupancy
Wi-Fi, launderette,
shared kitchen,
communal area, gym
£200 - £240
Double Occupancy
Wi-Fi, launderette,
shared kitchen,
communal area, gym
£220 - £260
Airport Transfer Information: 
Single transfer
Transfer to/from Birmingham airport  
From £85
Transfer to/from any London Airport
From £190

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